The Bengaluru police have ‘pressurised’ renowned dancer and yoga exponent Yamini Muthanna (in picture) against the filing of the first information report (FIR) in connection with the assault on her teenage son by the Indiranagar police. YAMINI

The Indiranagar police led by its inspector, mercilessly beat up Yamini’s son who was playing football at the playground in Indiranagar’s Defence Colony, one of the posh layouts in Bengaluru.

The police who arrived in a jeep on the evening of Gandhi Jayanthi,  entered the fully fenced playground and wielded lathis against the boys who were playing football following complaint from a local resident that he was being ‘disturbed’ by the noise.

It is apparent that the complainant must be a powerful person as the police team was led by none other than the inspector. Secondly, one of the persons who used the lathi was in civil dress.

Though Yamini got her son treated by a doctor and proceeded to the station to file the FIR, the police at the Indiranagar station ‘apologised’ for their act and prevailed upon the parents not to file the FIR.

None other than the former director-general of police S.N.S. Murthy, who lives in the area, has been quoted as saying that the police have committed a mistake and it is unnecessary highhandedness.

In the circumstances, the police commissioner N.S. Megharikh, should direct the police to file the FIR and take up investigation. Unless this is done, justice will not be done to the victims, and the identity of the complainant will remain a secret.

The police personnel involved in the violence against the teenagers must be brought to book. This can happen only when the FIR is registered.

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  1. Sundar Muthanna says:

    This is democracy in Karnataka. If this can happen to children in Indiranagar, imagine what could happen in a lesser educated and privileged area. Identify and shame the person who complained. Noise at 10 PM when people are trying to sleep is not good, but noise from children playing (in a park at that) at 6.30 PM is not noise, it is the sound of all being well with the world.

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