By P.T. Bopanna 

Is Theerthodbhava (gushing of water) from a small pond at the holy shrine of Talacauvery is merely a blind belief among the people of Coorg (Kodagu) in Karnataka?

Maj Gen C K Karumbaya, SM (Retd), who has written extensively on Coorg, is of the view that Theerthodbhava is a “hoax” played on the Coorgs by the priests.

Every year, at a pre-determined time in mid October, water ‘gushes’ out from the pond at Talacauvery, the birthplace of river Cauvery, considered the holiest place for the Coorgs (Kodavas). Talacauvery is also a pilgrimage centre for the people of South India, especially those living on the banks of Cauvery.

Elaborating on the issue, Gen Karumbaya says: “The myth about Theerthodbhava was a part of (Kavery) Purana. We Kodavas are too naive to believe this story even till today. Don’t we have a scientific temper and courage to question this imposed belief? Be honest. Has anybody seen this Theerthodbava. I claim that I have closely observed it at close quarters when I was a NCC Cadet and believe, it is the biggest hoax played on us by the priests.”

The General adds: “We Kodavas being Nature worshippers, venerated the river, which we originally called it Thayoor Pole ( Motherland River). This river existed from time immemorial even before Kodavas entered the land sometime in 2nd Cent AD.”

It is believed that Theerthodbhava occurs around the time when the Sun enters the zodiacal sign of Libra. The devout believe that Goddess Cauvery appears at that moment and absolves the sins of all those who bathe in her holy waters.





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8 Responses

  1. gopi says:

    after the dip at thalacauvery, the mind is refreshened with holiness, but as soon as we come out and enter into worldliness, our minds get polluted again and again by our activities done in ignorance. taking the holy dip, changes our bhavana to holiness and it stays on at that place. it is spiritual concept and cauvery is worshipped by reciting spiritual hymns.

  2. kollira umesh says:

    It’s not a hoax. Has anybody seen God? Then why do you pray? Maybe your statement of blind belief, questions the existence God itself. Anyway everybody has his or her opinion. For years,we have seen Theerthodbava. We feel it is sacred.
    If Theerthodbava is fake, then thousands of people carry sacred Theertha seconds after Theerthodbava. From where does this water come from? The BhramaKundige is only three feet deep approximately. Anyway you are free to have your opinion.

  3. Maj Gen C K Karumbaya says:

    As I understand, we Kodavas consider Nature(Prakrithy) as our God and our ancestors as our Gurus (teachers). Our simple but practical elders by personal example taught us to work hard to succeed in life, look after our families. protect ourselves when attacked, lead a truthful life and genarally enjoy our lives… This is good enough for us to lead a meaningful life.
    You in your blind faith in the lies spoken/ written by the priestly class has asked us whether we have seen God. Yes of course, we Kodavas see God everywhere and we see nothing but God. It is the creator and creation rolled into one. This God cannot be expected to listen to your prayers. We do not pray like Brahmins do; but try to understand River Kavery as a manifestation of Nature and not as Agasty’s wife, who turned into a river! This river had existed long before Kodavas are Agastya set our foot into Kodagu. After all how did the copious rain water which Kodagu used to receive from ancient time, drain out into the sea, before Agstya came? One can see mountain springs in a number of hilly region and t water Bubbles erupting out of it, which is nothing but air pockets inside underground vents coming out. Any geologist can explain this phenomena. We can see these in all the wells of Kodagu especially when the fury of the monsoon abates. Please develop scientific temper and start believing in our original faith, which is far superior to the imposed faith. In the 17th Century after putting down the rebellion of Kodavas led by Achu Naika(Present Ajjikuttira family), Siribaai Viraraja appointed Deva Thakkas from loyal Kodava families to convert us into his Hindu religion. His purpose has been largely achieved even after we came out of the rule of Haleri Rajas is evident from your comments.

  4. Aiyappa says:

    similar like sabarimala fire incident ,one day if there is some tragedy reported and Govt /court calls for investigation ,truth will be out . Until then no one can take sides,as both sides are true .

  5. Nanaiah says:

    Your view on this can be debatable, you have your views, n that’s fair enough. But my question is…HAS IT KILLED ANYONE?, or has it harmed anyone?…it’s a belief…and a belief for a good cause…we should be glad that we see God in this form…I feel it’s thousand times better that Christianity, Islam or worshipping idols etc….Faith is what keeps our so called humanity intact..n having faith on the NATURE is more sensible than a man made Faith……
    I strongly feel we happened to practice a true form Hinduism…which has to be cherished forever… having said that…”YES” the so called priests have misguided us n taken our goodness for a ride which we have to be very careful in the future years to come..

  6. Derin matharanda says:

    Definitely catch 22 situation here for many kodavas.. They know its hoax but worried about going against beliefs of their own clan who believe it to the core..would be better to as it is and stick on to our individual beliefs or else it might become food for other religion to defame kodavas n kodagu

    • Kaveriappa TM says:

      There are so many such blind beliefs there all over the world.It is for the people to take it or leave it. what are we going to achieve by just digging this.

  7. Vasantha kumar says:

    Hinduism is not a religion. It is a way of life. You adore nature. You believe in hard work. It is a way of life. You need not believe kaveri maate. Still then you are a Hindu.
    Because you believe in goodness. You believe that, SARVE JANO SUKHINO BHAVANTU . We believe that every person has his own dharma. That is why we HINDUS have millions of gods. So be it so. Let us name our gods and believe it. It is a binding force with vast diversity.

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