The 1993 Karnataka High Court Jamma Judgement in a Nutshell


That the holder of Jamma Bane land whether privileged or unprivileged will have limited privileges in Bane lands which are attached to Jamma wargs for servicing which, they are held. Those limited privileges will be:
(a) to hold the Jamma Bane lands free of revenue;

(b) to utilize the said land for grazing of cattle;

(c) to take leaf manure from the trees for the purpose of utilizing it for agricultural purposes on the warg lands;

(d) to take firewood and timber required for the agricultural and domestic purposes of Jamma Bane holders;

(e) They will have no ownership rights over sub-soil nor the trees growing on these lands, nor will be owners of the air-column above the surface of the soil;

(f) It is also declared that the alienated Jamma Bane lands which have ceased to be appendages to the warg, for servicing of which they were earlier held and which are put under cultivation and are fully assessed to land revenue, will be held by the holders of such alienated Jamma Bane lands as holders of occupancies of unalienated fully assessed lands and such occupants will be entitled to all the rights and will be subject to all the obligations of occupant-holders governed by the provisions of Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964, and the Rules made there-under.

Source: ‘Dateline Coorg’ by P.T. Bopanna. Published in 2010 by Rolling Stone Publications. E-book available with Amazon Kindle

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