By P.T. Bopanna

One of my recent posts on Facebook about my cousin Biddanda Daisy Achia (wearing specs), a cancer survivor, had a huge response.

Nearly 10 years ago, Veena Rao (in pink dress) donated bone marrow to Daisy who then lived at Fairfax, Virginia State, in the US.

Veena Rao wrote in a post: “There’s nothing more beautiful than being able to save a life. I was lucky to also gain a family!”

While marvelling at the goodness of Veena, I must admit from experience that there is lack of awareness in blood and organ donations in Kodagu (Coorg).

In the mid-1990s, one of my family members needed blood for a surgery at Ammathi hospital. My enquiry for blood donation did not yield much result. I was directed to approach a mosque where they had a list of people who regularly donated blood.

My experience led to my realisation that demonization of a community is mainly on account of prejudice spread by hate-mongers.

A few weeks ago, I read a report that there was shortage of blood in Kodagu district and there was an appeal for donation of blood.

There is lack of awareness among the people of Kodagu on blood and organ donation. I understand there is a wrong perception that blood donation will affect the health.

There are exceptions. I have come across posts on social media about people from Kodagu volunteering to donate blood. Panth Monnappa, who is known to me, has been regularly donating blood.

I take this opportunity to appeal to the people of Kodagu to donate blood as there is a shortage in the district.

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