By P.T. Bopanna

As India celebrates the National Reading Day, I am happy to announce that I am donating my collection of books on Kodagu (Coorg) to the Cauvery College Library at Gonikoppal in Kodagu district.

Wish to clarify these are not the books authored by me. These books I had collected over the years. Many of these books were handed over to me by the authors. Sharing below the list of books donated to the college. A few years ago, I had also donated to Cauvery College, all the books authored by me.

Besides, I had also donated books authored by me to the Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa Government College at Madikeri. Also, I had handed over to the college, compilation of articles written by me on Kodagu and papers and documents connected with Jamma lands, gun exemption given to Kodavas, maps, etc. I gave these to the Madikeri college because they have a department of journalism and also MA in Kodava studies.

I selected to give my books from my personal collection to the Cauvery College because when I was young and unemployed, it was the Cauvery College library from where I borrowed books and spent my time reading.

I also handed over book rack to Cauvery College to keep my books. Sharing below the books I have handed over to Cauvery College. I am also requesting all of you to hand over books to schools and colleges near your homes.


  1. Traditional Architecture of Coorg: Silent Sentinels by Brinda Somaya
  2. Field Marshal KM Cariappa by Air Marshal K.C. Cariappa
  3. Cuisines from Coorg by Ranee Vijaya Kuttaiah
  4. Feathered Jewels of Coorg by Dr S. V. Narasimhan
  5. Gazetteer of Coorg by G. Richter
  6. The Essential Kodava Cook Book by C.B. Muthamma
  7. Coorg Gazetteer edited by B.N. Sri Sathyan
  8. Victoria Gowramma by C. P. Belliappa
  9. Coorg Memoirs by I.M. Muthanna
  10. Wild Edible Fruits of Kodagu by Forest College, Ponnampet
  11. The Early Coorgs by Mookonda Kushalappa
  12. Victoria Gowramma (Kannada) by C. P. Belliappa
  13. Coorg Education Fund 150 years
  14. Ainmanes of Kodagu by Boverianda Nanjamma and Chinnappa
  15. Mundhu Mane by Ballachanda Family Association
  16. Kodava Paddathira Bheerya by Prof Ponjanda Appaiah
  17. Kodira Okka
  18. Kodava Bashika Janangala Samskrithika Baduku by Nagesh Kaloor
  19. Kodava Jayabharatha by Mandira Jaya Appanna
  20. Nanga Kodava by B.D. Ganapathy
  21. Pattole Palame in Kodava language by Ajjinakanda Pramila and Nachaiah
  22. Field Marshal KM Cariappa in Kannada by Dr Bojjangada Avanija Somaiah
  23. Avakashada Alegala Mele C.M. Poonacha’s biography by Dr D. B. Ramachandrachar
  24. History of Palecanda family by Justice P.P. Bopanna

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3 Responses

  1. Suresh Panje says:

    Commendable Samaritan gesture by you dear Bopanna of giving back to the society what it gave you (those reference books you mentioned when you were not employed)!!!
    May your tribe increase.
    Incidentally, wish to know if you came across or read my grandpa Panje Mangesh Rao’s books on Kodagu? Of course, that poem Hutturi Haadu happened to be a part of the lessons in Kannada text, at the middle school level, several years ago.

  2. Coorg News says:

    Yes Suresh, old timers in Kodagu still remember your grandpa Panje Mangesh Rao’s
    ‘Huttari Hadu’ in praise of the Kodava people and their land.

  3. UTHAPPA M C says:

    Very impressive gesture. Appreciated.

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